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About Us

car show 2A visit to El Camino Dining Room is a lot like traveling back through time. You walk in the door and it’s the 40’s. The walls are whitewashed adobe; the ceilings are roughhewn beams and latillas sporting old-fashioned ceiling fans; the windows are made of those peculiar translucent glass blocks that were popular in the 1950s. What can I say? It’s a gas. It makes you feel as if you knew what Albuquerque was like in those sleepy days when it was a dusty cow town of 20,000 souls and there was not a single thing except cactus and mountains east of the University of New Mexico.

This feeling created by the El Camino Dining Room is different from the one imparted by new restaurants that try to look old. This one’s the real thing. It shows how, through the years, the owners of the restaurant have had the good sense to leave it historical.

Fortunately, the food is not leftover from the 50s. It is made fresh every day. It is only a breakfast and lunch kind of place, so you can spend time with your family and friends; the way it used to be when that’s what really mattered. The menu is amazingly broad, encompassing over 60 dishes from steaks, carne adovada and breakfast burritos. The House Special is Huevos Rancheros. For you cowboys, eggs on the Ranchers side.stuffed sopapilla

Located on the Historical Route 66, El Camino was built and owned by Clyde H. Tyler in 1950. El Camino is now owned by two locals, Lydia Sakelaris and Mandy and Gilbert Chavez, a Mother and Daughter team. El Camino Dining Room is a landmark with history of Southwest Architectural design and great people (thousands) that continue to bring their children to eat at El Camino because this is where their parents brought them to eat when they were young.

When you walk into El Camino, you will always see a friend. It’s about finding something comfortable, and sticking with it. Lydia and Mandy keep the tradition going by providing good food and great service. Come visit El Camino Dining Room, and for making this a great place to eat. We can guarantee that it will be the same next time you come back.

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